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Luncheon with Markenzy Lapointe

The FBA summer boardroom luncheon series kicked off on June 12, 2023. Twenty FBA members had the opportunity to hear from newly appointed Southern District of Florida United States Attorney Markenzy Lapointe about his new role.

June Boardroom Luncheon with Markenzy Lapointe
June Boardroom Luncheon with Markenzy Lapointe

Mr. Lapointe gave a candid overview of the job, covering his legal and administrative responsibilities, interactions with Main Justice, federal law enforcement agencies, and community interest groups, and his engagement with the individual attorneys and staff members he oversees.

Mr. Lapointe fielded questions from the attendees, which ranged from the office’s role in criminal cases against foreign nationals, to the division between civil and criminal civil rights units, to his latest recommendation for binge-worthy TV.

The Board thanks Mr. Lapointe for taking time to chat with our members and we all wish him the best in his new position!

June 12 Boardroom Luncheon
June 12 Boardroom Luncheon

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